Moola Market Commentary - September 2019

The global economy remains fairly sluggish. Political risks from Brexit to impeachment of the U.S....

September 30, by: Simon Moore

Moola August 2019 Market Commentary

As for much of 2019 so far, the global economy appears subdued. There are areas of strength, such...

August 29, by: Simon Moore

Moola July 2019 Market Commentary

Brexit The selection of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister and his formation of a new cabinet, sets...

July 31, by: Simon Moore

Moola June Market Commentary

The global economic picture remains mixed. However, in recent weeks central banks both in Europe...

June 28, by: Simon Moore

Moola May Market Commentary

The month of May saw broadly negative news for the markets. Trade talks between the U.S. and China...

May 31, by: Simon Moore

Moola April Market Commentary

The equity markets have performed well in 2019. Essentially the story is one of less bad news than...

April 29, by: Simon Moore

Moola March Market Commentary

City Of London Wealth Management Awards

March 28, by: Simon Moore

Moola February Market Commentary

The markets remain on a positive trajectory for 2019 to date with most global stock-markets gaining...

February 28, by: Simon Moore

Moola January Market Commentary

Markets Regain Some Optimism 

January 31, by: Simon Moore

Moola November Market Commentary 2018

November has brought relief to equity markets following the turbulence experienced in October, with...

November 30, by: Simon Moore

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