Explaining Dividends

When you’re just starting out with investing, it can be difficult to know what exactly you’re...

May 1, by: E.A. Mann

The Case For Paying Down Debt

Human psychology is a fascinating Pandora’s Box. As a general rule, we are all convinced we are...

April 30, by: John Adam

Moola April Market Commentary

The equity markets have performed well in 2019. Essentially the story is one of less bad news than...

April 29, by: Simon Moore

The Magic Of Compound Interest

For all the magic and wonder of compound interest, its most incredible trick, at least to me, is...

April 23, by: E.A. Mann

What Is Inflation And What Causes It?

Inflation has been in the news this week after figures came out that showed its 12-month rate had...

April 18, by: John Adam

Moola Wins Goal-Based Investing Award

In the 2019 City of London Wealth Management Awards involving the votes of over 30,000 members of...

The 4% Rule And The Implications For Retirement

In the world of personal finance writing, we love to talk about something called the 4% rule. This...

April 2, by: E.A. Mann

Moola March Market Commentary

City Of London Wealth Management Awards

March 28, by: Simon Moore

A House Is Just Another Investment

A few years back, I got it into my head that I would pay off my mortgage and live for free.

March 25, by: E.A. Mann

What Should I Do With My £50,000?

For most of our adult lives, if we’re lucky, our finances are predictable. We get paid once or...

March 12, by: E.A. Mann

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