Simon Moore

Simon is responsible for investing and related content at Moola. He was previously CIO of FutureAdvisor, a US digital advisor. His most recent book Digital Wealth, explains automated investing. He studied economics at Oxford, and completed his MBA at the Kellogg School of Management.

Recent Posts

Moola April Market Commentary

The equity markets have performed well in 2019. Essentially the story is one of less bad news than...

April 29, by: Simon Moore

Moola March Market Commentary

City Of London Wealth Management Awards

March 28, by: Simon Moore

Moola February Market Commentary

The markets remain on a positive trajectory for 2019 to date with most global stock-markets gaining...

February 28, by: Simon Moore

Six Major ISA Myths

An Individual Savings Account (ISA) may seem scary. It doesn't need to be. We explain some of the...

February 12, by: Simon Moore

Moola January Market Commentary

Markets Regain Some Optimism 

January 31, by: Simon Moore

The Growing Importance Of Investing Ethically

We've recently seen a detailed report from the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate...

December 27, by: Simon Moore

Helping Your Employees Reduce Stress

When something isn't working in your life, it can impact everything including your family, your...

December 20, by: Simon Moore

The 30 Second ISA Checklist

We understand, ISAs can seem confusing, plus you have twenty other things to think about before...

December 18, by: Simon Moore

Should I Worry If The Markets Go Down?

When you invest, if you're like most people, you probably want your investments to go up every day....

December 11, by: Simon Moore

What Is The FTSE-100?

One of things you hear quite often in the news is what happened to the FTSE (pronounced "footsie"),...

December 4, by: Simon Moore

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