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What to do with your money now interest rates have risen

Moola’s CEO, Gemma Godfrey, tells Channel 5’s Matt Barbet what people can do to save money in the...

November 7, by: Gemma Godfrey

Has your next home just got more or less affordable?

Taking you behind the headlines, we reveal what falling house prices will mean for your money and...

August 30, by: Gemma Godfrey

Moola On Sky News: Tips For Millionaires

Taking you behind the headlines, we reveal why property market moves are good for buyers but bad...

August 24, by: Gemma Godfrey

Heads Up! Spending, Interest Rates & The Eclipse

3 events to watch this week will reveal how much we're spending, when interest rates could rise and...

August 21, by: Gemma Godfrey

"Belfies" and Business with LBC's Nick Ferrari

Taking you through the top business stories and money making opportunities. Just watch for Nick's...

August 19, by: Gemma Godfrey

As Seen On ITV: Save Money On Your Weekly Food Shop, With The "Receipt Trick"

This tip was originally featured by ITV, for the show "Eat, Shop, Save". In the UK, we throw away...

August 17, by: Gemma Godfrey

Behind Today's Headlines: Wages, Jobs & What Next For Interest Rates

Our economy is doing better, wages are growing, unemployment's falling and our currency has...

August 16, by: Gemma Godfrey

We're Making More Money, Why Don't We Feel Better Off?

Great news! On average, we're making more money than we were a year ago. But why don't we feel any...

August 16, by: Gemma Godfrey

Moola in the Press


July 1, by: Gemma Godfrey

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