E.A. Mann

E.A. Mann is a systems engineer and freelancer who specialises in finance writing. He is passionate about breaking down complex investing concepts so that everyone can understand them, not just the experts.

Recent Posts

Explaining Dividends

When you’re just starting out with investing, it can be difficult to know what exactly you’re...

May 1, by: E.A. Mann

The Magic Of Compound Interest

For all the magic and wonder of compound interest, its most incredible trick, at least to me, is...

April 23, by: E.A. Mann

The 4% Rule And The Implications For Retirement

In the world of personal finance writing, we love to talk about something called the 4% rule. This...

April 2, by: E.A. Mann

A House Is Just Another Investment

A few years back, I got it into my head that I would pay off my mortgage and live for free.

March 25, by: E.A. Mann

What Should I Do With My £50,000?

For most of our adult lives, if we’re lucky, our finances are predictable. We get paid once or...

March 12, by: E.A. Mann

When You're Investing, Simple Can Be Smart

When the average person pictures an investment fund manager and their associates, I imagine they...

February 26, by: E.A. Mann

What Renting Versus Buying a House Taught Me About Risk in Investing

A funny thing happened to me recently that completely changed how I think about investing.

January 29, by: E.A. Mann

All The Ways I’ve Ever Handled My Money

As a self-identified personal finance nerd, I've always taken my money management very seriously. I...

January 22, by: E.A. Mann

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